Muchenje Campsite

Muchenje Campsite boasts an idyllic setting - most of its campsites face a floodplain. We chose it for its proximity to the relatively quiet western side of Chobe National Park, which can be very busy, particularly around peak safari season. 

If you are planning to do a river cruise on the Chobe, I'd suggest spending the night in Kasane or at the Ihaha Campsite. Take this from us, trying to reach Muchenje after a sunset cruise from Kasane is nerve wracking because it's impossible to tell a hundred-strong herd of buffalo to stop blocking the road! 

We were allocated campsite  no. 2 at Muchenje, which was lovely, shaded by a spreading albida tree. However, other campers keep walking into it, lost and unable to find their sites. One especially rude couple drove their vehicle in really fast and nearly ran us over. If you prefer more seclusion, perhaps ask for another site.

Muchenje is perhaps one of the better equipped campsites in Botswana for the cost. Our site had its own washing up area, fire pit and charging point. In Namibian campsites, we found all these things to be standard, and you almost always you had your own bathroom. 

Much like all the other campsites we stayed at in Botswana, there was a shared ablutions block. This one had four separate bathrooms, each containing a very clean toilet, sink and shower. The reception area offered free Wi-Fi and there was a central pool.

Bear in mind though, that while Botswana is more expensive to camp in, the wildlife is unparalleled and the roads are better! 

Our opinion: Clean, well-equipped and convenient campsite, particularly if you want to be one of the first vehicles to access the western side of Chobe National Park when gates open at dawn.