Camp Okavango

Cruising towards a sundowner surprise

Camp Okavango lies in the permanently watery heart of the Okavango Delta and had the kind of laid-back vibe that only lodges near big bodies of water have. Our guides were not so serious in their demeanours  – but this could also have been because we were a young, enthusiastic group. One that wanted to swim in the Okavango Delta! 

So one warm afternoon, after a nature walk upon where we came across an impala carcass drying in a tree, our guides announced that it was time for our "swimming safari". Our boat took us to a bar set up in shallow water, where we proceeded to have sundowner drinks and a refreshing dip - a truly memorable experience.

In this reed and papyrus-filled wilderness, it's all about the little things - keep your eyes peeled for malachite kingfishers and tiny frogs. Of course, every so often the peace is broken by a territorial hippo or trumpeting elephant, annoyed by human presence. We were also fortunate - on our final evening here - to briefly lay eyes on a very rare Pel's fishing owl.