Hyena Pan

Hyena Pan is a comfortable tented camp in Botswana's Khwai Community Concession. This secluded property sits next to a permanent man made waterhole where elephants come everyday to drink. In the afternoons, a breeding herd of up to fifteen visited, with tiny babies in tow. Other animals such as kudu, hyena and giraffe also regularly came to drink. This made Hyena Pan a very special place indeed.

Hyena Pan also had a hide, where it was possible to spy on huge elephant bulls - many who stopped by for a late afternoon drink. It's a fantastic place for close up photos of ellie feet!

Another very good reason to stay at Hyena Pan is the sleepout experience. The Skybeds are a trio of three-storey wooden platforms located about 45 minutes' drive from camp. Each one contains a bed on the top level, with a bathroom on the first floor. At ground level is a lockable gate to keep out unexpected nocturnal visitors. 

Lastly, we had the funniest, most experienced safari guide of the trip here! Custard - yes, that's his real name - found two leopards (including one hunting guinea fowl) when every other guide from other lodges had given up, and he had contacts who told him where to find lion.  He also knew how to anticipate animal movements, shared plenty of interesting facts on their behaviour and had stories about previous guests that kept you amused for ages.